Taken during 'unlearning aerial' workshop, IACC Limerick.

Taken during 'unlearning aerial' workshop, IACC Limerick.



Aerial research and creation @ Fontys / ACAPA, Tillburg NL. Technical and artistic guidance by Sebastian Kann.

February 2019: ‘Circus and Theory: Undoing Fantasies of Mastery’ @ KASK School of Arts Gent. One-month seminar for MA students co-taught by Sebastian Kann, Bauke Lievens, Quintijn Ketels, and Vincent Focquet.

January 2019: ‘Choreographic Resources’, ‘Aerial Dance Technique’ and ‘Dance in Popular Culture and Media’ @ University of Colorado Boulder. Guest teacher / lecture by Natalie Oleinik.

July 2018: ‘Making circus in the impasse’ @ Concordia University, Montréal QC. In the framework of the summer school intensive seminar in research-creation methods and participant observation research in contemporary circus and physical theatre. Lecture by Sebastian Kann.

February 2018: 'Technical empathy: imagining contemporary circus in a caring future' @ ArtEZ Dance Arnhem. Lecture by Sebastian Kann.

January 2018: 'Circus dramaturgy' @ COMMA in Tillburg (Fontys and Codarts). Lecture by Sebastian Kann.

November 2017: 'Contemporary circus and issues surrounding technical virtuosity' @ MDT Amsterdam (AHK). Lecture by Sebastian Kann.

November 2017: 'Rouge Vie'. Outside eye/choreography by Natalie Oleinik for the Morges circus school in Switzerland. 

July 2017: 'Unlearning aerial' @ IACC Limerick. Masterclass by Natalie Oleinik and Sebastian Kann.

December 2016: 'Becoming-object' and 'Compose vs. impose'. Lectures at TENT Amsterdam by Sebastian Kann.

November 2016: 'Circus as a post-human practice'. Lecture at La Central del Circ Barcelona by Sebastian Kann.