Always / Beautiful (creation 2019)


‘Always / Beautiful’ is an unruly proposition. An enormous, rectangular climbing net hung in an otherwise unadorned space: this simple scenography generates and frames a complex unfolding, as the two artists navigate a shifting set of tasks, forms, moods, and geometries. How to remain grounded in such unpredictable, hyper-mobile terrain? ‘Always / Beautiful’ inverts the tropes of today’s contemporary circus, provocatively imagining circus virtuosity as a training in sensitivity and circus spectatorship as an active work of empathy. Both challenging and uplifting, this piece poses the question: what might it take to re-build networks of care for the contemporary? And how can we co-ordinate the imperative of care with a political stance that refuses to apologize for attending to pleasure?

Premiere 25 + 26 October 2019 at Theater op de Markt
February 6, 2020 at
De Grote Post

The team: Natalie Oleinik, Sebastian Kann, Ilse Ghekiere, Bert van Dijck, Lee Harry Clayden, Hugo Mega, François Bouvier, Vera Tussing and Anneleen Keppens.

Coproducers: Miramiro vzw, PERPLX vzw, Theater op de Markt

Support: Circuscentrum, Cirqueon, Jackson’s Lane, De Grote Post, KASK School of Arts.

Produced with the generous support of the Flemish Authorities and the Arts Research Fund of the University College Ghent.

Trailer password available upon request