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 2018. ‘Open Letters to the Circus #3: Who Gets to Build the Future?’. Keywords: circus artists, empowerment, freedom, agency, overdetermination, critique, fantasy, institutions, community, ecology, diversity, Bauke Lievens.

‘The ecology of making (circus): Research as a practice within a life’. Keywords: care, optimism, ongoingness, ecology, experimentation, emotional energy, research, thinking, recognition.

‘Mette Ingvartsen: 21 Pornographies’ (Review)

2017. ‘Circus, between technique and technology: Heideggerian ‘Enframing’ and the contested space of free expression’. Keywords: circus, Martin Heidegger, technology, revealing, challenging, technique, the trick, attention, value, Gabriel Tarde, potentiality, Hannah Arendt, freedom, politics, technogenesis, free expression, boredom. 

‘Circus without a centre: countering processes of disablement in and through contemporary circus performance’. Keywords: circus, disability, difficulty, death, risk, normativity, statistics, narrative dramaturgies, the trick. climax, identity, André Leroi-Gourhan, 'tâtonnement', technical research.

‘Three concepts for contemporary performance: flat dramaturgy, non-sovereignty, post-professionalism’. Keywords: power, dramaturgy, style, coherence, gesamtkunstwerk, plurality, Deleuze and Guattari, body without organs, Hannah Arendt, freedom, precarisation, free will, the present, Jodi Dean, self-sacrifice, Kojin Karatani, transgression, critique, institutions, individualism. 

‘Contemporary circus, but not quite yet: progressive circus discourse and the lessons of the de-colonial’. Keywords: circus, coloniality, racism, the contemporary, normative art-history timeline, modernism, time-lag, spectatorship, interpretation, clarity, coherence, innovation, access to the future, opacity, pedagogy.

— 'Emotion and the dancing self'Keywords: improvisation, feeling, mediation, Maria Scaroni, Anna Nowicka, ironic distance, embodiment, technique. On 'Transmission in Motion'.


2016. 'Taking back the technical: contemporary circus dramaturgy beyond the logic of mimesis’. MA Thesis. Keywords: Technique, assemblage, Gilles Deleuze, Manuel DeLanda, Fragan Gehlker, affect, Spinoza, common notions, objects, Ilona Jäntti, sensitivity, André Leroi-Gourhan, technogenesis, vital materialism, choreography, disappearance, legibility, opacity, the virtual, potentiality, distributed agency.

‘Media, movement, imagination: spectatorship and the free-market archive’. Keywords: digital archives, YouTube, algorithms, the mainstream, commericialization, imagination, movement, spectatorship.

‘Twelve bodies, Seven Pleasures, two voices, one score: Choreography as perceptual training-ground’. Keywords: Mette Ingvartsen, Seven Pleasures, choreography, opacity, critical art, aesthetic regime, art objects, spectatorship, understanding, social relations, pedagogy, Jacques Rancière, Walter Benjamin.

‘Strategies of re-enchantment in cinema and mobile locative art’. Keywords: mobile media, anaesthesia, immersion, object or event?, experience, banality, image, surfaces, anonymity, Giorgio Agamben.

‘The Anguish of Rosalind Krauss: Towards “deep media”’. Keywords: medium specificity, essentialism, modernism, installation art, fear of disappearance, capitalism, value and evaluation of artworks, communication, efficacy, enjoyment, transparency, dematerialization,Gilles Deleuze, Maurizio Lazzarato, Walter Benjamin.

‘Drawing the magic circle: protocols for free play in contemporary art production’. Keywords: artistic process, freedom, imagination, constraint, play, pleasure, fun, Maurizio Lazzarato, Johan Huizinga, Roger Caillois, self-expression, subjectivation, future projection, choreopolitics, André Lepecki


2015. ‘Disappearing acts: Updating the contemporary circus’. Keywords: circus, the trick, phrasing, dramatic theater, art history, the essence of circus, athletics, opacity, everyday movement. (Click here for part 2). 

‘Revolutionary reduction: ‘not-doing’ in the circus’Keywords: Circus Foetus, Alma Buholzer, Thomas Saulgrain, minimalism, refusal, communication, post-fordism, capitalism, virtuosity, resistance, productivity, perception, Kazimir Malevich, avant-garde, Kris Verdonck, Paolo Virno.

‘Moving in a network, revealing the virtual world: open scores as representational media’. Keywords: Aerial, improvisation, scores, Actor-Network Theory, Bruno Latour, enactive perception, intermediality, representation, technique, technology, technogenesis.


2014. ‘Running away to the studio: what does dance have that circus doesn’t?’ Keywords: structural problems, circus institutions, circus schools, coherence, dramaturgy, meaning.